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Science Fair Information Page

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  • Published: Monday, 18 April 2016 15:38
  • Written by Debbie B. Phillips
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The Five Types of Science Fair Projects:

  1. Investigative

    In this type of project you ask a question, construct a hypothesis, test your hypothesis using an experiment and draw conclusions from your experiment.

  2. Laboratory Demonstration

    Repeat an experiment and retest a hypothesis. These experiments can be found in books, on the net or your science classroom.

  3. Research and Poster

    Extensive research on a topic, write a research paper and do a visual of the main points of what you found in your research. Many times backboards are used as the visual part of this project.

  4. Hobby or Collections

    Display a collection of objects or interesting artifacts so that the viewer gets a sense of knowledge about your topic. It involves library research,  but generally no hypothesis is formulated or tested.

    Examples: Rock collections, Egyptian mummies

  5. Model Building

    Build a scaled model to illustrate a scientific principle. 
    Examples: Shadow boxes of land formations, a model of the solar system, volcanoes